Sunday, April 18, 2010

Using a Hauppauge PVR 150/250/350/500 TV Tuner card in Ubuntu/Linux

Getting traditional TV to work in linux can be an exercise in frustration at times. For those with a Hauppauge PVR 150/250/350/500, you are in luck. The following tutorial will get you up and going in no time. It Is aimed at ubuntu users, but if you are a bit resourceful, you will be able to get it to work on the distro of your choice.


sudo apt-get install ivtv-utils vlc

Open VLC player

Media -> Open Capture Device -> PVR (from pull down menu) -> Play.

Then you can do (in terminal)

ivtv-tune -c25 (25 is channel number)

Which changes the channel. (this is for people that have cable coming into their computer directly, and NOT coming from the cable box)

If your signal is coming from a cable or satellite box, do ivtv-tune -c3 and change the channel on the box.

ivtv-tune -h

To see the options which control the card. (not necessary though) 

For a cool desktop tv remote,(so you dont have to use terminal to change channels, or to start tv) go to: CSMonkey TV Remote Highly recommended. (only works on ubuntu)

Remember to have Java installed first. Then you can right click>properties> open with> java. After that, just click normally to launch.

I might add, if your distribution does not have the ivtv firmware in the kernel, (all newer kernels do) just get the firmware here and extract the file and put it in /lib/firmware. Then do: (as root)

rmmod ivtv


modprobe ivtv

To record tv while you're watching, in VLC, go to Views and check off advanced contols. You will then see a record button in vlc's interface. All recordings will be saved to your home folder.

To schedule a tv for future viewing, we are going to use cron for the job.

We need to make sure you are a member of the crontab group first. Go to System>Administration>Users and Groups and unlock the window by clicking the keys button, or the "unlock" button. Enter password. Then click on Manage Groups button. Scroll down until you see the crontab entry. Highlight it, and then click on Properties. Check your name if it is not already. Log out and then back in.

First, select which channel you want to record by: (we will use channel 25 as an example)

ivtv-tune -c25

Then, in the same terminal window, do:

crontab -e

Delete everything you see in there.

Then as an example of a recording you want done on Dec. 31 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM, you would enter in crontab: (see below for an explanation of how cron works)

# start recording
00 16 31 12 05 cat /dev/video0 > /home/user_name/name_of_show.mpg
# stop recording
30 17 31 12 05 killall cat

To save the job, do Ctrl-X then Y then Enter.

Remember to put your user name in after /home. You can also save the file wherever you want, I just used /home as an example. You can name the show whatever you want, just make sure you have .mpg after the name.

For those not familiar with cron, in the line 00 16 31 12 05 cat /dev/video0 > /home/user_name/name_of_show.mpg

00 represents the minutes of the hour (4:00), 16 is the hour (4:00 a 24 hour clock is used, 12 midnight would be 00, 1 AM would be 01, etc.), 31 is the date, 12 is the month, 05 is the day of the week -Thurs. in this case. (Sunday is 00, Monday is 01, etc)

You may also find the following link useful. Thanks to MeKino for this.

Hopefully I have helped some people get their all important TV fix.


  1. Ok, I'm being lazy. Since all of the US is now on digital broadcast, does this support digital TV?

  2. Yes it does, but you will need a cable box hooked up to get all the channels you get on your TV. I only have a direct feed to my computer from the cable splitter, so it limits the number of channels I get. But it's still enough for me to enjoy TV on my computer.

  3. Well, that seems to suggest it is capturing analog, not over-the-air digital.

  4. You didn't mention anything about OTA TV. But since my older than dirt TV can do digital TV via the cable box, the tuner card will have no problems either, provided a cable box is doing the inputting. As far as OTA digital, it will, provided you have one of those converter boxes.

  5. Hah! I guess we have a different definition of "digital broadcast" and "digital TV" versus "digital cable".

  6. Hello: Thanks for this tutorial.

    I am having a bit of a challenge with it. I have installed a PVR-150 in my Ubuntu 9.10 machine. I already had VLC installed, so I installed ivtv-utils then rebooted.

    I can start VLC and select the PVR and hit play. This doesn't bring anything up. I try changing the channels in the terminal as suggested, but get this error:

    andrew@AustinPowers:~$ ivtv-tune -c6
    ioctl VIDIOC_S_FREQUENCY failed

    I tried changing the video device to /dev/video1 as suggested in another resource. This shows a second of television, then VLC shuts down.

    Any help appreciated.



  7. I am running a multiboot system Win 7 64 and Ubuntu 10.04 64 and Mint 9 (I believe 64 bit as well) I have the Hauppauge PVR 150 card and I am a novice at Linux. While all this might seem simple for most users when I do as you say (Installing in Mint which is Ubuntu based I keep getting these errors when trying to "ivtv-tune -c25" command and after unpacking everything seems smooth till I get the following (Sorry for the large pasted info) Can anyone help me?
    Unpacking ivtv-utils (from .../ivtv-utils_1.4.0-1_amd64.deb) ...
    Selecting previously deselected package libauthen-sasl-perl.
    Unpacking libauthen-sasl-perl (from .../libauthen-sasl-perl_2.13-1_all.deb) ...
    Processing triggers for man-db ...
    debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable
    dpkg: error processing man-db (--unpack):
    subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
    Processing triggers for doc-base ...
    Processing 5 added doc-base file(s)...
    Registering documents with scrollkeeper...
    Processing triggers for install-info ...
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  8. Hi,
    I followed each and every step what you have described but i am giving input through composite vidoe.Please guide me how to configure with composite input.



  9. To change the input connection use this command in a terminal.......

    v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 -i 2

    or see my how to post here........

    Regards, Pete

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  11. this stuff didn't work in ubuntu, can you recommend me a forum to fix this problem in my CPU ?

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  28. Tried this in linux mint 14 MATE 64bit edition with vlc 2.0.5 and a hauppauge pvr 150 and works perfectly. Actually only did the the first part about getting a TV window showing everything. Didn't try the remote control portion or the recording portion. But the TV viewing in VLC works great! Thanks very much!

  29. Great article, worked like a charm for me with my pvr-150. I just skimmed through the directions, and need to read a little closer, but I missed seeing how (or if I could) to change the recording quality.

    Thanks a lot

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